Mike Krzyzewski is really a famous coach of Dream Team. She has coached north america men's basketball team for some time, that's clinched numerous medals for his country. Following London Olympic was over, Krzyzewski told The Associated Press that this game will be his final one as national coach, a job he's held for seven years. He had left open the possibility of staying with the team beyond the London Games, when practice on Saturday said these will be his last Olympics.When asked if he was sure, Krzyzewski didn't hesitate before again saying, "yes," this will be his last game "If we could win it, then it might be three major championships in a row, i always do not know when that has been done because we haven't usually won the globe championships," Krzyzewski said. "It becomes an enormous thing for the program." Whatever, he's an awesome coach. His achievement are going to be remembered by the country.


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